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I am a life long learner with a focus on new ideas and technology. As for my history I have been working in the information tech sector for 20 years in Silicon Valley North for companies like Nortel and Avaya as well as being a founder of start-up Cortex Networks.

Throughout my career I have been very fortunate to have senior leadership roles within emerging products and technologies relating to data, IT, Communications, Corporate HR/Training and most recently, a next generation cloud based learning/collaboration tool that mashed together video gaming technology + military grade 3D spatial audio + all the 2D web sharing tools you desire called AvayaLive Engage.  In my tenure I have also had the opportunity to build relationships with hundreds of world class companies like IBM, GE, Lenovo, and General Mills,  and higher education organizations such as MIT, Carleton University, University of Texas at Austin that actively embrace change to maintain leadership positions in the market.

My rasion d’être has always been to understand market dynamics and business problems and be an agent for change to create new ways of realizing desired business outcomes.  To facilitate this I have always relied on becoming an information specialist while seeking out and connecting the right resources to develop and champion transformative ideas into reality.

On my personal home front, I am a proud Newfoundlander that has a wonderful wife and two great kids.  I love music, running, downhill skiing, snowmobiling, camping, and all activities that include a nice sunny day and a deck.

I am always interested in investigating new opportunities with dynamic organizations that foster creativity and continuously cultivates new ideas. If you are interested in learning more about me you can check out my LinkedIn Profile by clicking on the image below or check out my PreZume on the next Tab

Chris Hardy B.E.Eng.

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